Best Movie Recommendation Sites to Find Movies to Watch

Wondering what to watch tonight? Found on the web are numerous movie recommendation sites or product review website that help you decide on what to watch based on your personal preferences. If you’re in the best mood for a movie instead of a TV series, the sites listed below will help you find the right movie for you.

Jinni – this site is one of the best movie recommendation sites available online. Jinni aims to provide the most suitable movie recommendations that perfectly match the tastes and interests of its audiences.

With Jinni, you can search for movies based on your desired plot, setting, and your current mood. However, perhaps the most fascinating feature that this site offers is its ability to let you input terms like “movies with gangsters” or “movies that show Emma Stone dancing,” and this site will display movies that perfectly match your input. It’s amazing!

IMDb – This famous site recommends similar movies to the movie you just searched. Located at the bottom of site’s webpage under “Recommendations,” the site would display several akin movies.

Recommended movies are based on the information gathered by the IMDb’s database, which examines movies to find their similarities. This site is perfect for those who don’t have enough time to scour the internet to find some movies that are worthy of watching. Rest assured that the recommended movies are solid!

Rotten Tomatoes – This site is mostly dedicated to movie reviews and news. You can tell the site what movies you like, rate them, and write reviews.

In return, this site also tells you what movies that are the best to watch based on the reviews itself.

Finding online movie reviews will help you identify your desired movie. You can command the site to display the movies you enjoy, the actors you want to see, and the reviews written per movie that you’d want to read.

The recommendations on this site have a lot of variability in quality, but it’s still an excellent way to find the best movie for any mood.

Movielens – This site is not as appealing as the others. However, what it lacks in its display, the site makes up for it with its great movie recommendations.

This site evaluates your interests or tastes based on the ratings on the movies you’ve seen before.

If you rate a minimum of 15 movies, the recommendations are precise and are undoubtedly more relevant compared to the results from Netflix.

Taste Dive – This site is perfect for those who want more than just a good movie recommendation. This site is so simple, you just have to input a movie you like, and the results it offers is very similar to your query.

What’s best in this site is that it goes beyond the boundaries of movies. This site also recommends you on the kind of music you listen to, the book’s you desire to read, and other stuff that is related to entertainment.

Other sites worth mentioning include Nanocrowd, Clerkdogs, Criticker, and Flixter.

If you have spent lots of time trying and finding good recommendation sites, don’t worry anymore. With the sites listed above, you should be able to pinpoint the movie you will genuinely enjoy. Start browsing through these sites, grab your popcorn, and enjoy chilling.

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