Top Cooking Shows in Africa

Cooking shows are a great hit among TV viewers all around the world. Many have come to love seeing chefs and chef wannabe’s who are cooking their most delicious dishes. Worldwide, there are a many  experts from who are watching cooking shows than any other TV series genre. Africa is one of the continents with the most cooking show viewers. With all the kitchen advice you get from either MasterChefs or Cake Bosses, you will surely tune in more to their cooking styles and methods.

Watching cooking shows bring out the foodie in us. Africa does too. They loved cooking shows and have always rated them positively. While many African chefs showcase native and traditional recipes, there are a lot of them who are also skilled enough to bring out other culinary masterpieces that can be followed by every show viewers in their own kitchens.

Here are five of the top cooking shows in Africa:

MasterChef South Africa – This international cooking competition showcases different chef wannabes from different parts of South Africa, and even in some countries in the continent, to showcase their cooking skills and get judged by renowned master chefs in the continent. As this is a competition, each chef wannabes get eliminated every week until only one remains and will be hailed as the ultimate Master Chef.

Siba’s Table (South Africa) – The renowned cooking TV show host, Sibahle Mtongana, shows the audience her tasty recipes, and present them how she cooked her dishes and her insights about the techniques of cooking used. Many have come to love her and her culinary masterpieces as she continues to air on SA’s Food Network.

Africa on a Plate – This show, hosted by Chef Lentswe Bhengu, travels to a lot of countries in the continent in search of rare, traditional culinary masterpieces, common organic recipes, and even the best restaurants and food centers you can visit in Africa. The show has run 26 episodes in their first season and is now preparing for Season 2 of this cooking and lifestyle show.

The Ultimate Braai Master – One of the cooking reality TV shows in South Africa, which is also broadcasted in some countries in Africa, is this show that features cooks who are experts of Braai cooking method – the culinary masterpieces borne from a wood fire in an open space. Each week, teams are set to compete against each other in doing the Braai. Judges are present to give their rating for each of the team’s performance. At the end of the season, only one team will be able to bring home the title as well as the prizes that await the winners of this reality show.

Chopped (South Africa) – This show sheds the spotlight on four competing chefs as they cook within a given time limit. Each episode per season features different culinary styles that the chef contestants have to fulfill within the given time. The dishes made will be judged by renowned culinary masters who will decide the winner for each episode. R40,000 awaits the winner of this televised cooking competition.

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