South Africa Legalizes the Continent’s First Federal Cannabidiol Law

Cannabidiol has almost always been instilled in people’s mind as an illegal substance that imposes harmful effects to the body. However, with the help of modern technology and in-depth clinical studies, CBD oil for sale has gradually sparked interest as a beneficial health treatment for certain conditions.

A shift of perception about CBD’s medicinal advantage has paved the way in legally selling it in the market in South Africa, marking them as the first country to push CDB oil as an advantage in the health section. Before medical CBD oil was legally approved for selling and purchasing, the aforesaid are already available but were put on hold due to legal concerns.

Now that medicinal CBD oil has been legalized in South Africa, the government has strictly made the following rules:

1. Low-risk claim

The medical CBD oil product must only pertain to general health maintenance and should not specifically be used for treatment, especially in specific health conditions. Therefore, no therapeutic claim should be disclosed upon advertising the said product.

2. Maximum daily dose

Although the government has already legalized CBD for medicinal use, they have still limited the amount of dosage allowed to be taken by the consumer. Manufacturers must see to it that their CBD-based products must only have a maximum daily dose of 20 milligrams.

3. CBD preparations

The CBD product should also disclose its preparations, such as that it comes from the raw cannabis plant and processed, which should only contain 0.001% or less of THC and 0.0075% or less total CBD. Exceeding these aforementioned percentage will be punishable by law.

4. Prescription requirements

In order to purchase a CBD-based product, consumers must present a prescription, especially those intended for therapeutic purposes.

Giving cannabis-based medical products an opportunity to be part of the healthcare system gives a significant change in the health community as they are now seeing the health benefits of the said product, although they’re still trying to limit its production and exposure to the public.

Apparently, CBD products aren’t registered in South Africa as of this writing. Therefore, the only way for them to acquire legal CBD is through import. CBD-based products obtained in the local region are not registered; thus, making it illegal.

This act showed by the South African government is seen as a jumpstart to finally realize the importance of CBD oil in the healthcare community. Albeit it has only been released in a limited fashion, people can now experience the benefits of taking CBD without worrying the legalities.


Cannabidiol, or also known as CBD, is considered as an illegal product due to its hazardous aftermath after taking it in a large amount. However, with thorough study of the said product, CBD can also be beneficial in terms of health.

Although not everyone sees the advantages of CBD, South Africa has paved the way in giving CBD a chance to prove its worth in term of providing health benefits. Provided with rules and regulations that must be followed by manufacturers, people can now experience its health benefit as long as they have a prescription from the doctor.

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