Choosing Humidifiers or Vaporizers for Children

Humidifiers are useful in adding air moisture; best cool mist humidifier for baby helps in preventing skin, nose, lips and throat dryness. If your air at home is dry, your children may also be prone to headache, nosebleed, cracked lips and dry cough. These symptoms are particularly common if you always use the air conditioner.  As parents, we always go for natural a remedy that will help our children ease symptoms of common cold or flu and that is why we need humidifiers or vaporizers.

Humidifiers vs. Vaporizers

A humidifier and a vaporizer function similarly; they are both effective in adding air moisture. Their difference lies in the way they add air moisture. A humidifier creates mist from cold water and a vaporizer adds air moisture by creating steam from hot water.

Factors to consider in choosing Humidifiers or Vaporizers for Children

1.    Safety

One of the most popular options for parents is cool mist vaporizers or humidifiers. Parents prefer these types over steam or mist humidifiers because of the possibility of children getting accidentally burned if hot water is spilled.

Buying a humidifier or vaporizer with and automatic shut off feature can also prevent the humidifiers water reservoir to dry up. If the water reservoir dries up and the device is still running, this may cause the device to overheat which may lead to a fire.

2.    Size

Choosing the right size of humidifiers or vaporizers is also important. If you have a small room with a large humidifier; the humidifier can cause condensation that can start mold formation and bacteria. Before buying humidifiers or vaporizers, measure your children’s room and ask an expert on what humidifier is best for their room size.

3.    Maintenance

Choose a humidifier or a vaporizer that requires low maintenance. Most humidifiers have a filter or wick that can easily be replaced. Keep in mind that these filters of wicks must be replaced regularly to function at a healthy level. To help prevent bacteria build-up from tap water, experts suggest using distilled or filtered water in your steam or mist humidifiers.

Filters that are not cleaned or replaced may also impose health risks because bacteria or molds in the filter may easily be inhaled by children.  Be mindful of the cost of replacement and how frequent the filters must be replaced to avoid these health risks.

4.     Noise Level

As parents, we want our children to sleep soundly and comfortably. Some children easily wake up if they hear a sound or they might be able to sleep if they are continuously bothered by a sound. It is best to choose a humidifier that has a low noise level to help your children sleep.


There are a lot of humidifiers in the market with different features and functions. Surely, you will find one that will best fit your needs. Humidifiers can help ease respiratory illnesses without the need for medication. Just like any other equipment, make sure to use it properly and accordingly. Too much moisture can also impose health problems.

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