CBD Oil in South Africa

Cannabidiol is one of more than 400 proactive components that can be found in the medical cannabis plant. This component can treat inflammations, seizures and tumors. It is still under laboratory testing and research if it can possibly be the cure to cancer and other diseases such as Alzheimer’s and AIDS because there are many success stories on CBD Fable and other websites.

Because of its possible medical benefits, Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently been legally accepted and recognized for cultivation and public use in South Africa. This is a huge step forward for South Africa’s medical field as recent studies that proved this component’s healing properties and safety for human consumption have been the foundation of CBD’s legalization in the country.

Since the Cannabidiol or commonly known as CBD Oil isn’t legally accepted worldwide, there are still limits and regulations that the South African Government had to impose regarding the usage and commercial trading of CBD-infused products.

To help you in finding legit stores that sell pure CBD Oil in South Africa, here are some of the things you need to remember:

Know the Difference

At first glance, CBD Oil looks just like any other therapeutic oil such as olive, fish, or essential oil. Some sellers take advantage of this type of customer’s weakness. To help prevent you from getting fooled, here are some unique features of CBD Oil:

  • Rich Dandelion in color
  • Thick syrup-like formula
  • Odorless
  • Not a crystal clear substance
  • Does not form bubbles

To ensure that the oil you buy is pure CBD oil that’s freshly extracted; some customers buy leaves and extract its juice on their own. Though the process might be time-consuming, people find this rather satisfying and soothing. You can purchase Cannabis leaves and sprouts at Indoor cannabis growers. Indoor growers are more open to cultivating and selling stems rather than processing and selling them as manufactured goods.

Legitimate Outlets

To purchase a CBD Oil or any other CBD-infused products, you need to be ready to shell out quite a bit of cash. These products come at really high prices so it is recommended that you ensure the legitimacy of the outlet where it is coming from.

Usually, these products are sold in in-hospital pharmacies. You wouldn’t see them in a convenience or ordinary department stores. Sometimes, the seller even asks for doctor’s prescription before he can provide you with a CBD-infused product. You’ll know you are transacting with a legitimate CBD outlet if their products have license codes. You can also search the internet for a list of permitted CBD outlets on South Africa’s national government health unit’s website.

Reliable Manufacturers

Some reliable CBD products manufacturers in South Africa are Faithful to Nature

and Cibdol. These are the first two manufacturing companies to earn a cultivating and selling license for CBD. They offer CBD-infused products such as CBD Oil, capsules, lotion, bath bombs, coffee, soap, and many others.

In buying CBD-infused products, be a cautious and a meticulous buyer. The money you are risking to buy these products is no joke. Also, buying fake products may cause side effects which may have negative impact on your health.

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