Legality of CBD Oil in South Africa

Is Cannabidiol oil legal in South Africa? But before answering that, it is essential to read the reports to know what is it and what it can do.

Though both are found in the cannabis Sativa plant, unlike THC which can give users the “high”, CBD is a non-psychoactive component that is known to have medicinal benefits.

CBD Health Benefits

Named after the cannabis plant, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is widespread in the body along with its receptors in the brain, connective tissues, immunes cells, glands, and organs. In every tissue, ECS performs various undertakings but all have only one objective and that is homeostasis or the preservation of a sound internal condition even with the instabilities in the external environment.

Researchers found out that there are receptors in our body that have a positive reaction to chemical compounds such as cannabinoids. Cannabinoid receptors exist all over human body, implanted in cell membranes. When cannabinoid receptors are energized, different physiologic developments will follow. Also, medical researchers have discovered cannabinoid receptors are classified into two;

CB1 mostly found in the connective tissues glands, gonads, organs, and nervous system

CB2, largely present in the immune system and its related compositions.

Here are some known health benefits from using CBD oil:

Pain reliever


Defeats muscle spasms

Boosts the efficiency of the immune system

Lessens blood sugar levels

Decreases nervous system degeneration

Heals psoriasis

Diminishes the danger of artery blockage


Lessening nausea and vomiting

Decreasing shrinkages in the small intestine

Anxiety reliever

As a sedative to handle psychoses

Lessen convulsions and seizures

Stops or decelerates bacterial growth

Treatment for fungal infection

Hinders the progress of tumors and cancer cells

Helps bone growth

Encourages brain tissue development in alcoholism

Decreases nicotine longings

CBD ‘s Legal Status

Not so long ago, based on the regulations in the Medicines Act, CBD was classified as a prearranged substance in South Africa. This implied that all products containing CBD and were meant for healing purposes could just be sold to people who had a prescription from a medical specialist. Not until on May 23, 2019 as the nation’s Department of Health made a reversal by making a major space for CBD products in the pharmaceutical industry. Products with a maximum of 20mg of CBD in daily dosage and the purpose are for general health improvements or treatment are excluded from the Medicines Act. While all products contain over 20mg of CBD in daily dosage are still be needing prescriptions in order to be procured as they are still under the provision 4 of the Medicines Act.

This amendment made by the DOH altered the legal status of these CBD products and removed them from the stringent regulations of the Medicines Act. However, CBD contained products that are still under to other supervisory management that administers goods and liquors.


There is no doubt that CBD oil has many health benefits and this is also what the government of South Africa sees. Though they legalize the selling and purchasing of CBD products, there are still restrictions to control the consumers’ consumption.

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