A Nutritionist’s Top 5 Weight Loss TV Shows

The worldwide pandemic has kept people in their homes for possibly the longest period, and this has led to a now shared dilemma –unwanted weight gain. According to Geeks health blog post, With the lack of opportunities to go out and get some physical activity, it has become difficult to stay in shape.

However, one way people can get motivated is to see someone do it and succeed. Often, you can do so by immersing yourself in these types of journeys by watching weight loss TV shows.

However, according to nutritionists, a lot of these shows are staged with unrealistic and quick fix solutions which might lead to a lot of complications.

So, to help shed some light on these shows, the owner of Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios, Jim White, R.D listed down his top 5 weight loss TV shows showcasing nutritionist-approved solutions.

Big Fat Truth, by Z Living

According to White, health is not something you keep good only for a short amount of time, but it is something to be maintained to keep the body high functioning.

To avoid any type of weight regain after the TV show involvement, which is common among a lot of participants, the Big Fat Truth equips their participants with the necessary knowledge and tools on how to keep themselves fit long-term.

This is a great way to not only keep the viewers and participants motivated but to promote discipline.

From Fit to Fat to Fit, by A&E

White says it is much easier and motivating for a client to follow their instructor when they have a strong bond between them.

Oftentimes the gap between the physical fitness and capabilities of an instructor compared to the client can be intimidating and demotivating, and to eliminate this gap, in the show From Fit to Fat to Fit, the instructors step up the bar and gains weight, aiming to lose it along with their clients. This is a great way to promote good client-instructor relationships.

Strong, by NBC

Just because you fit into the conventionally acceptable body type, then you’re already physically fit. This is a common misconception the public has about physical fitness according to White, which is why he approves of NBC’s show Strong.

Strong is not just a weight loss journey but to overall fitness, including mental and physical harmony. The participants are all with socially acceptable appearances, but the journey reveals how far they are from it which is a great eye-opener for all the viewers.

My Diet is Better than Yours, by ABC

Not all diets work for everyone. This is why one of the biggest challenges in weight loss, other than the execution, is finding the right diet and exercise plan for you.

In this show, trainers all present different types of diet and ways to lose unwanted pounds through exercise that gives the viewers the freedom to choose which plan might be suitable for them as well.

I Used to Be Fat, by MTV Original

This show is specially catered towards the young audiences whose heavy weight has become their biggest insecurities. It highlights the journey of overweight teenagers who are determined to lose weight before they become adults to boost both their self-esteem and morale.

The show, according to White, promotes discipline in maintaining a healthy physique at a young age and helps encourage teenagers to start working on their weight loss journey with healthy and age-appropriate methods.


With the ongoing pandemic, keeping fit and healthy has never been more important than today. However, with limited access to the outside world, keeping one’s self motivated to keep in top shape is easier said than done.

With that, the aforementioned shows are a great way for viewers to find the inspiration needed to keep themselves motivated as they strive to remain healthy and fit during these hard times.

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