BELGIUM: Parliament debates legalising euthanasia for terminally ill children

A child euthanasia debate has divided Belgian parliamentarians ahead of a vote today that is expected to legalise the right to grant euthanasia for terminally ill children. This would make Belgium the first country in the world to remove the age limit for the procedure.

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PRINCE GEORGE : Kenya's Samburu community celebrates royal birth

Kenya's Samburu community today celebrated the birth of Prince George by bestowing a community blessing, including two bulls and a goat, upon the third in line to the British throne. In a ceremony attended by the British High Commissioner to Kenya, Dr Christian Turner, and other local dignitaries, hundreds of Samburu tribes people sang and danced to welcome the birth of the future king. Representing Prince George, Turner was handed two fattened bulls and one goat on behalf of the royal family from the Namunyak Women's Group, as a symbolic gift awarded to a first born son. Kenya remains a special place for the British royal family following Prince William’s proposal to Kate on the foothills of Mount Kenya in October 2010. It is also where Queen Elizabeth learnt that she was ascending to the throne in February 1952. According to locals, Prince William wandered into their community while he was hiking in the region and the local women adopted him as their son.

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ZIMBABWE : EU to lift sanctions on state diamond firm

The European Union (EU) will remove a Zimbabwean diamond mining firm from the bloc's sanctions list, a move that could boost sales and improve the southern African nation's tax income. EU foreign affairs spokesman Michael Mann said in a statement, a review of the inclusion of Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) in the list of targeted EU measures has been undertaken and the process to remove the ZMDC from the list has begun. Mining has been a pillar of Zimbabwe's fragile economic recovery since 2009. According to government statistics, total earnings from mineral exports last year were 2.54 billion U.S. dollars. ZMDC holds shares on behalf of the government in five joint-venture mines in east Zimbabwe's diamond-rich Marange fields, producing 8 million carats of diamonds last year and generating 685 million U.S. dollars in exports.

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Ukraine : La Russie déterminée à poursuivre l'annexion de la Crimée

Après le référendum en Crimée, les Etats-Unis amplifient les sanctions vers la Russie. Moscou a averti que ces sanctions ne resteraient pas sans conséquence.

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ITALY: Ships rescue more than 2,000 migrants in 48 hours

Italian naval and coastguard vessels have rescued more than 2,000 migrants travelling in boats from North Africa over the past 48 hours, underlining the scale of illegal migration into southern Europe. The announcement came a day after some 500 people forced their way into Spain's North African enclave of Melilla, the largest number to storm the border in almost a decade. Italy has stepped up naval and air patrols off the coast of Sicily since hundreds of migrants drowned last year in two separate disasters near Lampedusa.

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