FRANCE: Boko Haram "No longer a local terror group" - Nigeria's Jonathan

Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram, which has kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls, is no longer a local threat but has become West Africa's al Qaeda, according to Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. The statement was made over the weekend as part of a summit in Paris of West African leaders on the issue.

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CAR: EU troops take over Bangui airport, violence rages

The European Union peacekeeping force, sent to help stem deadly sectarian violence in the Central African Republic, is operational and has been deployed at Bangui airport in their first major operation to try and end months of sectarian slaughter. French troops handed control of the airport over to the EU peacekeepers, who are also commanded by a French officer, Major-General Philippe Ponties, at midday on Wednesday. The French soldiers will be deployed elsewhere in the strife-torn country. Only about 150 EU troops have arrived so far.

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UKRAINE: U.S. Vice President says ready to help economy

US Vice President Joe Biden promises Kiev that Washington is ready to help Ukraine's economy.

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Ukraine: Combats meurtriers à Slaviansk

De nouveaux combats meurtriers ont éclaté à Slaviansk,dans l'est de l'Ukraine. L'armée annonce avoir tué plus de 300 rebelles. Des chiffres qui n'ont cependant, pas encore été confirmés par les insurgés.

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Etats-Unis / Obama : Début de la tournée européenne

Le Président américain Barack Obama a entamé hier la première étape d'une tournée européenne qui devrait se conclure ce vendredi sur les cotes normandes, à l'occasion du 70ème anniversaire du D-Day, le jour du débarquement des forces alliés en Normandie.

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U.K.-E.U.: Voters head to polls for European and council elections

Millions of people are voting today in the European election and local council polls in England and Northern Ireland. The elections are deemed as the final important test revealing public opinion before the general election in 2015. All 73 UK seats in the European Parliament - the EU's only directly elected body - are up for grabs, along with 4,216 seats on local councils, nearly half of them in London.

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