EBOLA OUTBREAK: Deaths in West Africa hit 603 - W.H.O.

The death toll from an Ebola outbreak in West Africa has risen to 603 since February. The World Health Organisation revealed that at least 68 deaths had been reported from three countries in the region, in the last week alone. The World Health Organisation said there were 85 new cases between 8-12 July, highlighting continued high levels of transmission.

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CAPE TOWN: Young South African entrepreneur on a mission to change eating habits

A young South African entrepreneur is on a mission to change the eating habits of people living in the townships of Cape Town by introducing a one of a kind bakery. Antoinette Holligan has more.

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EBOLA: African states agree strategy

West African nations are to adopt a strategy to combat the Ebola virus in the region. Health ministers from 11 counties have agreed on a plan to tackle the deadly virus.

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GHANA: Fear and cash shortages hinder fight against Ebola outbreak

Speaking at a public health conference in Ghana, regional health ministers have revealed that West African states lack the resources to battle the world's deadliest outbreak of Ebola. They added that deep cultural suspicions about the disease, remain one of the biggest obstacles to stopping its spread. The conference aims to formulate a strategy to overcome an epidemic responsible for the deaths of 467 people in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

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SIERRA LEONE: Fear, suspicion undermine West Africa's battle against Ebola

Patients are leaving hospitals in parts of Sierra Leone, fearing they may contract Ebola if admitted, stoking concerns about an increased spread of the deadly fever in West Africa. Two entire wards at Kenema Government Hospital are empty after non-Ebola patients fled. According to Sierra Leone's Director of Disease Prevention and Control, there are 57 suspected and positive cases that cannot be located. Kenema hospital is trying to track down the missing cases by using local radio broadcasts as well as monitoring people who may have been in contact with confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola friends and family. Roadside checkpoints have also been set up in the region.

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PORTO NOVO: Organic farm in Benin Republic sows example for Africa

With his pilgrim's staff and Panama hat, Father Godfrey Nzamujo nips up and down the paths of Songhai, the organic farm he created nearly 30 years ago as a tool against poverty and rural migration in Africa. Let's go on a tour of the farm in Benin Republic's administrative capital, Porto Novo.

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