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Landmark talks in Uganda

For the first time in four years, Uganda’s president and the king of the nation’s largest ethnic group have gathered together, weeks after deadly riots raged in Kampala.President Yoweri Mu


May Day rallies around the world are highlighting public anger over the global recession which has seen millions lose their jobs. In Asia rallies have been held in Tokyo, South Korea, Cambodia, Japan,

Violence as Sudanese trouser trial continues

The trial of Lubna Ahmed al-Hussein, a Sudanese woman journalist who risks 40 lashes if convicted of committing an “indecent act” for wearing trousers, is expected to resume today.Hussein,

South Africa police crack down on township protesters

South Africa's President Jacob Zuma has promised to deliver better services, such as water and housing, in a bid to end township protests this month. But he warned that there could be no justification

Thailand: Grenade attack kills protester

Following anti-government protests in Bangkok, Thailand, it is reported that one person was killed and 29 more were wounded after a grenade attack on protesters occupying the Government House comp

Thai protesters resist summit

Anti-government protesters in Thailand have readjusted their focus towards a summit of Asian leaders in the resort town of Pattaya. Some 200 protesters pushed past police barriers to reach the l

Thailand Yellow Shirt Leader Shot

Thailand's 'Yellow Shirt' leader, who headed the week long occupation of Bangkok's main airport last year, has been shot. Sondhi Limthongkul received bullets to his head when his car was attacked on F

China riot city of Urumqi under control

China flooded the capital of western Xinjiang province with security forces on Wednesday after ethnic riots left at least 156 dead.Wounded people from both the Uighur and Han Chinese communities were

Tens of thousands of protesters defy ban to demonstrate

Tens of thousands of pro-reformist supporters of the defeated presidential candidate Mirhossein Mousavi defied a protest ban issued by Iran’s interior ministry on Monday, amassing in Revolution

Iran in turmoil

Iranian state run media has reported that around 17 people have been killed in on-going anti-government protests in the Iranian capital of Tehran.  State radio has also announced that 450 people

Violent clashes in Peru over indigenous land rights

Following days of clashes between indigenous Peruvian protesters and police, Peru’s army imposed a curfew over of the jungle state of Amazonas on Tuesday.24 police officers are believed to have

Tension in Honduras continues

Governments from across Latin America have voiced criticism of the recent coup-d’état which took place in Honduras over the weekend, and have demanded the ousted President Manuel Zelaya b

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