How Much Does Home Insurance Cost in South Africa?

Did you know that to qualify for a bond, you must have home insurance? It is because it will cover your home just in case an event takes place like damage or loss. Other than that, house insurance is vital as it assists you in planning ahead of unexpected future events like that can destroy your house like fire.

As mentioned by, you can’t determine the precise cost of house insurance in South Africa because the procedures which the companies use to establish the cost of the policies are complicated. Generally, the value of house insurance is contingent on the architectural buildings and the estimates surrounding it.

Importance of Comparing to Obtain Better Quotations

Before you settle on an insurance offer, it is essential that you compare the different quotes offered by different insurance firms. Comparing can be easier with the help of an insurance specialist.

There are various insurance firms in South Africa and each provider is in a quest to draw in clients to his services. It, in turn, leads to competition between the firms, setting distinct policies and attractive quotes to entice more customers towards their agencies.

Because there are various types of insurance policy coverage provided, don’t settle for your first chosen insurance company provider.

What to Consider Before Obtaining the Cost of House Insurance

Location of the House

If your residence is on a favorable area with no past terminations, then it can attract a standard cost of around R200 since it is classified to be in a normal state. This cost includes R5 for Sasria. On the other hand, if the home is non-standard, you could end up with a rate of 75% on the charge to 1.5% on the cost, which is the average price of the quotation, and it varies yearly.  The reason behind yearly rates is because the building may appreciate or depreciate, depending on the area of locality.

Value of the Building

It also includes the value of your personal belongings in the building. It may be furniture, electronics, and other house gadgets. The more total worth your home has, the more coverage you’ll get so the higher the premium.

Age of the building

Some old houses are prone to damage compared with new ones. It will, in turn, increase the premium. For instance, an old electric wire that results in a fire outbreak is costly to repair compared to the new one. So, always know how old or new a structure is as this is a crucial factor in determining your insurance policy rate.


Many different insurance firms offer different quotations. Remember that the higher the coverage you’ll need, the higher the home insurance cost it will attract. It is wise that you first study the different offers provided by the firms before making a decision. It is because everyone has different preferences. Your choice might not be similar to another client. Thus, it is vital to compare and select the quotation that matches with your liking to establish the cost.

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