About Us

We are the first Pan-African TV network with a mission to change the perception about Africa using an unconventional Afro-centric style in broadcasting, entertainment, and news. Voxafrica was established in 2007 and become the first independent and multilingual TV station. Voxafrica TV is more than just a network; it is also an international independent multimedia platform, spreading the truth and good image of diaspora as well as Africa and its people.

Our platform is offered and designed for globally aware audiences who are interested in new cultures and have a passion for travel and lifestyle.

What Voxafrica provides?

Voxafrica TV is among the biggest, award-winning networks that deliver Caribbean, American, and African entertainment throughout Africa and Europe. From our headquarters in London, we provide the best and latest happening in entertainment, current events, news, and lifestyle from America, the UK, and Africa.

What’s on Voxafrica?

Aside from premium HD broadcasting, Voxafrica gives free admission to short videos, lots of African and Caribbean recipes, lifestyle and travel blogs, and many more with contents from the rich African culture.

Voxafrica TV has various kinds of programmes including Current Events (Africa 54, African Chronicles Focus, Focus on Ghana, Vox Reports, and Documentary) Soap Opera (Clinic Matters), Entertainment (Ezeecast Show, FACE 2 FACE, Pulse Ghana, Pulse Nigeria, The 411, The Buzz, The Guide, The Scoop) For Kids (Culture Tree), Lifestyle (GrowUp Xpert, Ladies Lounge, Spiritual Cleansing), and Music (Voxplay Afrobeats, Voxplay Gospel).

Where is Voxafrica TV available?

Voxafrica is available worldwide and is accessible in many various platforms such as online, Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. There may be shows that are not allowed in your area due to licensing prohibitions. Also, user experience might differ due to your internet connection speed. Promo codes are redeemable only at Voxafrica website.