Top 5 Places to Get Married in Africa

Choosing a place where you can hold your wedding place can be overwhelming. However, if both you and your fiancée love the outdoors, why not doing it in Africa. Below are the top five places where you’d want to say “I do” in Africa:

Great Rift Valley Lodge, Kenya

The Great Rift Valley Lodge is nestled above Lake Naivasha and has an overlooking view to one of the earth’s largest valleys. Here awaits the most astonishing bridal scenery from some of the natural wonders that Kenya has to offer such as the Aberdare Mountains, volcanic crater of Mount Longonot, and the glittering waters of Lake Naivasha.

Mara Explorer Camp, Kenya

Located on the banks of the Talek river and is renowned as home to Africa’s Big Five, Maasai Mara National Reserve at Mara Explorer Camp in Kenya is the perfect place for romantic events. Treat your friends and family in a unique glamping adventure while in here.

Raintree, Zimbabwe

From its magnificent backdrop to providing a one of a kind scenery of lavish forests, well-maintained lawns, and gorgeous gardens to pick from, Raintree has it all to be a perfect venue for your wedding.

Sossusvlei Lodge, Namibia

Dreaming of getting married in the middle of Namib Desert? At Sossusvlei Lodge in Namibia, you can actually do that. A bush banquet with views of the immense desert plains and red sand ridges will surely satisfy your guests.

Kilindi Zanzibar, Tanzania

The overlooking view of the Indian Ocean, long white sand island beaches, and blooming tropical gardens are some of what Tanzania’s Kilindi Zanzibar has to offer, making it an ideal place to get married.

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