5 Must-Watch Movies Made by African Woman Directors

These movies not only show the rich African tradition and culture, they also display the talent and capabilities of African women directors. They are as follows:

The Wedding Party by Kemi Adetiba

This is a comedy film about an excited couple to finally walk down the aisle. However, during the wedding day, what was supposed to be a celebration of love becomes a mess when both of their exes appear and their families fight with each other.

Ayanda by Sara Blecher

Set in South Africa, the movie tells the story of a beautiful young woman who is longing for her father’s memories by working as a mechanic. This is where she learns and excels in customizing vintage cars.

Gone Too Far by Destiny Ekaragha

This movie is about two estranged brothers who meet for the first time and have a hard time accepting each other’s preferences. Eventually, they both learn to accept each other and the value of family.

New Money by Tope Oshin

A Nigerian film about a salesgirl who receives an unexpected inheritance after the death of his father. Follow her life as she struggles to cope up with her new life as a billionaire.

Like Cotton Twines by Leila Djansi

A story of an American teacher who is eager to save a 14-year-old girl from dropping out of school.

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