Top Nigerian Movies to Watch Online

The Nigerian movie industry is called Nollywood, just as how India’s movie industry is known as Bollywood. Nollywood is slowly showing its strength to foreign and local audiences and is considered the largest movie industry in Africa. This brings people to an understanding of the Hausa language and culture. Regardless of genre, Nigerian films can accommodate for all of them equally. Here is a list of great movies made by Nollywood that you can find in a lot of web hosting platforms today.

Mr. and Mrs.

The story is set in the life of the Abah family. As the son of the petroleum minister, Kenneth Abah is married to Susan Abah. Kenneth’s status has made him arrogant and mistreats his wife due to her family’s poor status. He grows dissatisfied with her and thinks of divorcing her. Susan was still accepted by Kenneth, but he wants her to beg. This is one of the most heart-wrenching Nigerian movies that you can watch as it depicts cruelty and injustice.

The Figurine

In the movie, there are two girls who always face misfortunes. This keeps on happening to them until they discovered a figurine. They called it Araromire, which would bestow them good luck for seven years, not knowing that misfortune would follow them seven years after. If you want a fantasy-based story, then this is a great movie for you.

Last Flight to Abuja

Travelers board a plane from Lagos to Abuja one night, but human error brings them on the verge of crashing. A series of flashbacks reveal the connection the passengers shared with each other. As they sense that they are about to face their deaths, an elderly couple, young lovers, businessmen, and a successful athlete recollect and share time together.


In the conservative Yoruba community, a woman uses the Gelede Cult’s women’s rights ideas to create a government that would help the people. However, she ended up forming a family and a relationship that would endanger everything she has established.


The story is based on a novel where a single mother protects her son, Kashimawo, from his abusive father while carrying a dark secret, making it one of the most intriguing and interesting Nigerian movies that you can watch.

Mirror Boy

This talks about the journey of a young boy named Tijan.  After a fight in London breaks out, Tijan’s mother takes the boy to the Gambia. Upon their approach, Tijan faces a strange person, a boy smiling in the mirror that also appeared in a crowded marketplace, which led him to become lost. As the mother looks around, Tijan encounters the Mirror Boy, who takes him on a magical journey where not everything is as it appears.

Phone Swap

This romantic comedy involves a business executive, Akin, and a designer, Mary, who met in a busy airport. They accidentally swap their phones, which led to a lot of funny events. The texts that were not meant for each other also lead them to different destinations. They decided to help each other though not easy as they each struggled, where Mary has to stand for Akin in a company meeting and Akin to stand for Mary in a family gathering.


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