CBD’s Evolution in South Africa

Advances in health care industries and life sciences have been surprising, not to mention the innovative inventions during the past several decades. Even an uncertain treatment may actually become an inexplicable cure that may heal in just a short time.

Certainly, a lot of people would be thinking about what modern society would do in order to challenge traditional wisdom when it comes to advances in the medical field. Perhaps, the answer to this question lies on a naturally grown flowering herb, which is growing only in humid and tropical countries—the Cannabis.

The Connection of Cannabis to Medical Science

Cannabis has two cannabinoids, a chemical compound which is also known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD oil (cannabidiol). CBD oil is non-psychoactive and also has been progressively valued for having medicinal properties. Later on, it was also related to bringing out relaxation and euphoria.

Because of the fact that CBD oil is non-psychoactive, there are a lot of people who are wondering if it can actually be used as a workable and potent alternative to recognized pharmaceuticals. There are pieces of evidence that have touted its medicinal advantage for ages. However, it is only in these past few years that scientific evidence has come up from scientific researches that can prove those medical claims.

Cannabis in South Africa

In the past years, only a few patients are permitted by the local administrative officials in Africa (SAHPRA) to have access to any products that contain Cannabis and only in unusual cases. These patients must also be subjected under a treating physician that has obtained required permission in order to bring the product inside the country.

Nonetheless, both the SAHPRA and the Department of Health in South Africa have already issued the instructions with regards to the growing of Cannabis herb. They also ensured that these locally-grown herbs will only be available exclusively for scientific, clinical, and medical research purposes.

Due to this order, cultivators for Cannabis can already apply for a permit in SAHPRA, only for the purpose of the Medicines and Related Substances Act (Medicines Act) that they can cultivate, extract, and test Cannabis as well as Cannabis resins. They can also manufacture, distribute, import, or export products containing Cannabis for the same purpose.

SAHPRA will require cultivators to comply with the pharmaceutical environment, which is approved by local South African authorities. Also, the issued guidelines, conditions, and license from SAHPRA may include circumstances associated with quality control as well as the engagement of knowledgeable persons and conformity when it comes to safety measures, transfer, and report measures.


It is such an optimistic approach for the South African authority and its Department of Health to have considered the risk as well as the benefits of products containing Cannabis and to permit its marketing access when it comes to medical use. In fact, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African president, has recently launched a foreign unswerving venture for Cannabis and cannabinoid-containing products. Perhaps, this move will greatly encourage those who are interested to cultivate the herb or manufacture products containing Cannabis to take a glance at the South African perception of CBD.

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