Dive into 9 of the Best Swimming Places in Africa

Africa is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful yet the most underrated places in the world, and there’s so much of it in store for both its locals and the tourists. Their tourist spots are gaining some prominence, albeit slower compared to other Swimming lessons pots like in Bali and Maldives. Still, people like us feel the need to introduce these new places so as to refresh our eyes with another brand of natural and fascinating. With that, here are 9 places in Africa you can dive into.

1.         Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls, Zambia

Be at the peak of thrill and excitement as you embark on a trip to one of the most death-defying swims of your life. Gaining fame as the ultimate infinity pool, the Devil’s Pool in Victoria Falls gives you the experience of a lifetime – swimming at the edge of the world’s largest waterfall with a visible 100m drop. This surely isn’t a swim for the faint of heart.

2.         Somalisa Camp of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

Experience the luxury of leisure swimming at the Somalisa Camp with the best cocktails and gourmet meals. Doubling as a home with a great view of the wide African landscape, this is a getaway that can surely ease your mind of its troubles.

3.         Boulders Beach in South Africa

Be in the graces of the ancient granite boulders that protect the shore from harsh waves, The Boulder’s Beach is a spot ideal for families with children, and it’s where they can feast their senses with wonderful sights, clear warm waters and pleasant company.

4.         Edge of the Cliff in Ol Malo

View the majestic and ever-changing African landscapes from the infinity pools at the Edge of the Cliff in Ol Malo. Imagine swimming under the sky, by the rocky hillsides, with the earth cascade in terraces around you. Now, that is invigorating.

5.         Okavango Delta, Botswana

Also known as the last Eden, spend a weekend with your loved ones where greeneries are lush and the waters flow rich. At the Okavango Delta, is at the center of the Botswana safari, and it is home to magnificent wildlife and birds. Put this in your itinerary for some good old’ exploration.

6.         Lake Malawi

Feast your eyes with the vibrant colors of the sea life in Lake Malawi, which is known for its multi-layered multi-density lake flooring. Although not known as a spot for relaxation, people go here for some challenging swimming endeavors, with professional swimmers attempting to swim its entire length since 1992.

7.         Phinda Homestead at KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Come to the dreamiest Safari in South Africa that as well encompasses about 28000 hectares of lush vegetation and protected wildlife land. Homely and well-designed, the Phinda Homestead was made to provide comfort to their guests, both tourist and locals.

8.         Wildlife watching in the Zambezi River

See the best of the African wildlife as you’re taking a dip at the Zambezi River. Be one with nature and experience the natural with this Safari tour that will surely take you out of modern living and remind you of the best things in life.

9.         Benguerra Island Lodge, Mozambique

A bit on the upscale side compared to these other options, the Benguerra Island Lodge just maybe what you need to get that much-needed luxurious holiday away from the city. This resort is the product of African artistry, craftsmanship and creativity, and it sure brings the best of relaxation.

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