CBD oil is legal in South Africa. Here is what you need to know

The month of May 2019, turned to be historical after the department of health in South Africa made cannabis derivate cannabidiol available for distribution. However, this change is temporary and will be renewed in May 2020. After that many cbd store locator comes into the market and many of them are pretty accurate too.

The future of CBD in South Africa is unknown and cannot be predicted. However, for the time being, it is easier to find CBD products in Pizza shops, General stores, and pharmacies. The following is information concerning Cannabidiol its risks and benefits.

Effects of CBD

Cannabidiol is found in cannabis plants, which are Hemp or marijuana. It has some medicinal properties such as anxiolytic, vitamins, and inflammatory properties; thus, it is used to treat various conditions.

The health conditions treated by CBD include insomnia, muscle pain, menstrual cramps anxiety, and epilepsy. It also used as a powerful agent against skin inflammations and acne. However, this is just a few conditions CBD can be used based on scientific research.  But based on anecdotal evidence, CBD can be used to do more conditions.

The impact of CBD on the human body is still being researched; initially, CBD was not commonly used except when treating epilepsy. The Widespread use of CBD   is backed up by the legalization of cannabis by different counties across the globe.

One significant difference between CBD and THC is that it does not make you feel ”high” as compared to THC. Any seller of CBD will always provide you with a CBD product that contains little amounts of THC. The amount of THC present in the product is little such that it can’t get you intoxicated or call for a drug test.

 The legal status of CBD

CBD products in South Africa are legitimate, but there are various restrictions attached to them by the department of health. According to the Department of Health in South Africa, a daily dose should only contain 20 milligrams or less.

Secondly is that CBD products are not known to cure any specific disease. CBD products are good for general health enhancement.

The CBD markets

Cannabidiol has become a popular term in the world market. According to trends on google search, in 2016, there were no searches of CBD in the world market. However, by 2019 about 6.4 million people search for CBD every month. People are not only searching and learning about CBD; they are spending a lot of money purchasing its products. According to the Hemp Industry daily, which is a trade publication, the sale of CBD this year has been estimated to be a billion-dollar, and it is expected to rise.

Most companies in South Africa saw CBD products as an opportunity to invest.  By October 2019, CBD oil was already available on shelves of Dis-chem and Clicks, and their prices were about R300. Col’cacchino Restaurant is also selling pizza containing CBD oil at R125. Moreover, Alchemy started a skincare line that sells products containing CBD oil.

 The risks

There is no information or research on the adverse effects of CBD oil on the human body. According to the world health organization, CBD is not addictive and cannot be abused.

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