How Safe is CBD Oil for Your Kids?

New uses for CBD Oil continue to be discovered, with hundreds giving testimonies of how the oil worked for them. Most parents, especially those whose children suffer from conditions such as autism, endlessly debate on the safety of the best CBD Oil for their young ones. So, how safe is CBD Oil for your young one?

Before diving into its safety, kindly remember that CBD Oil is different from medical and recreational marijuana. CBD Oil has low traces of THC; hence, it is not addictive and is safe to ingest with food. The oil works by maintaining the body`s homeostasis, thus helping with different conditions.

Typical uses of CBD Oil among children

The most publicized use of CBD Oil is among children who have conditions such as epilepsy; chronic pain may be due to chemotherapy and ADHD. Children with epilepsy who take CBD Oil report reduced, and eventually, no occasion of seizures.

CBD Oil is famous for its pain-relieving properties. It is useful because cannabidiols bind to CB2 receptors, which are present throughout the nervous system. Thus, it can reduce pain as well as inflammation all over the body.

ADHD- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is cured by stimulants, which could result in sleep disturbances or anxiety. CBD Oil is therefore considered an effective and safer treatment for the condition.

Will CBD Oil be of help to your child?

Evidence surrounding CBD Oil significantly suggests it to be a suitable, low-risk, and effective treatment alternative for both children and adults. WHO further made a statement and said, CBD Oil offers therapeutic effects that are well-tolerated.

Whether your child can use CBD Oil depends first on the current laws regarding the use of cannabis and marijuana in your state. If the rules do not prohibit the use of CBD Oil, consider consulting a pediatrician. In case you need further clarification, we recommend you consult a qualified cannabis doctor.

Factors to consider before administering CBD Oil to Children

Cannabis and marijuana-derived products face a lot of legal restrictions and stigma. Nonetheless, a study done in 2017 by the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics found numerous clinical trials proved CBD Oil to be safe for children. The tests were centered on children suffering from conditions such as epilepsy and ADHD.

As a parent, you have to weigh the pros over the cons before making such a delicate decision for your young one. Here is what you should consider;

Why it is safe;

Cannabidiol oils are natural and non-addictive

The body can easily digest and process it

So far, there has been no long-term adverse effects associated with CBD Oils

It does not have any intoxicating effects or effects that could be mind-altering

Some states consider it legal, as long as the THC levels are within the set guidelines.

Why some are skeptical about trying it

It could be challenging to tell if some CBD Oils have extra additives

Research on Cannabidiols is still shallow, and somewhat inconclusive

Cannabidiols could interact with some prescription medications

Final Verdict

If you think CBD Oil could be of help to your young one, consider finding someone knowledgeable and seek consultation. Most parents are afraid their children could end up becoming intoxicated or dependent on it. Fortunately, this will not happen. However, remember the reaction differs from child to child. Since few doctors have extensive knowledge regarding CBD, consider seeking a second opinion from a cannabis consultant.

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