Best Cannabis Documentaries to Binge Watch

As the cannabis industry is gaining more attention, there’s also increased interest in media about it. Therefore, documentaries about CBD cartridge are created since more and more people have a growing curiosity about it. These documentaries cover the medical, business, culture, and legal aspects of cannabis.

If you’re one of those people, we listed down the best cannabis documentaries to watch now.

Weed the People

Ricki Lake, a famous actress, and a cannabis supporter created Weed the People. This documentary shows the in-depth use of marijuana as medicine. Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, who is the director of this film, showcases the life-saving nature of medical cannabis. They also interviewed some families who are in a life-or-death predicament.

Epstein mentioned that they didn’t intend to shine a light on medical cannabis. Nevertheless, they got inspired by a young girl who had tumors on her body and was going through chemotherapy. Her family researched alternative treatments and came across CBD oil. They learned about the studies being done about it as an anti-tumor medication.

This is recommended if you want to learn about the basics of medical cannabis because it gives comprehensive information about it.

The Culture High

This document covers the basics of the legislative aspect of cannabis. It’s an excellent documentary to watch if it’s your first time to watch one about cannabis. You can take an in-depth look at the prohibition of cannabis in North America. The Culture High shows how the fight against drugs failed and why it was prohibited in the said continent.

Interviews from dealers, police, celebrities, and doctors are shown to let viewers know the opinions they have about marijuana prohibition. Some of the celebrities and cannabis supporters you’ll see here are Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Joe Rogan, and Sir Richard Branson, among many others.


After you’ve understood the origin of cannabis prohibition, you can know the people who have been continuously making an effort to legalize cannabis in North America. NORML or the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws is a significant group created in the 70s to promote and lobby the legalization of cannabis.

Aside from highlighting the process of its legalization, it also shows the medical advantages of cannabis. Additional information about how cannabis is created and how its compounds react inside our bodies. This documentary gives technical information since it covers the scientific and legislative aspects of cannabis.

The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

The people who produced The Culture High is behind The Union: The Business Behind Getting High. What sets this documentary from others is it covers the business aspect of cannabis. You will find out the sale, traffic, and growth of the cannabis industry. It also shows underground markets and interviews from police, criminologists, growers, economists, psychologists, politicians, celebrities, and breeding. You’ll understand how cannabis flourished despite being illegal.

This documentary also compares the prohibition of cannabis to the banning of alcohol in 1920. Many questions about cannabis are also answered in the film. You’ll see how the industry functioned before cannabis was legalized.

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