Television Channels Promoting Holistic Lifestyle

Television channels have been providing people with entertaining and creative content ever since. The talented people behind the betakaroten test and in the limelight do things beyond imagination in order to live up to the viewers’ standards, keep current viewers, and collect more. The contents usually produced by these channels are often either informative or entertaining and always depend on their target audiences.

Nowadays, people are slowly trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle in hopes of perfecting their physique and prolonging their lives. With the emergence of people’s anxiety to be fit and healthy, media companies saw an opportunity to create television channels that feature a holistic lifestyle. A few of these channels are listed below.

Z Living

Z Living, formerly known as Veria Living, is an American television network that focuses on producing health and wellness contents and is owned by an Indian company called the Essel Group.

This television network employed professionals that can guide people in their healthy lifestyle adventure. Few of these professionals are:

Julieanna Hever, an expert in plant-based nutrition, and was known to convey pregnancy tips;

Nitika Chopra, a wellness guru; and

Sadie Nardini, known for her expertise in yoga and the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga.

This web-only program was launched by Scripps Network Interactive and is focused on producing lifestyle content. The contents included in this program are food, wellness, home, travel, and parenting.

The example of the contents of this channel is working out successfully while in the shower and doing yoga while babysitting. According to Amy Emmerich, this channel is a friend who inspires people to work out and tells people that there are other methods of working out that do not require a dumbbell.

Health and Lifestyle Channel 

A pioneer in 24/7 TV and Internet channel, Health and Lifestyle Channel solely focuses on contents about a healthy lifestyle. This channel was created by Robert Chua to improve viewers’ viewing provision through cross-media.

It advertises health care from Eastern and Western cultures and broadcasts the advantages of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along with these, the channel also promulgates hygiene, etiquette, prevention care, blood donation, and AIDS prevention.

These television channels aim to assist people in achieving their health and fitness goals. Most of these channels create programs that:

guide viewers with the diet they are supposed to consume in various conditions;

provide fitness programs that suit different types of people;

allow these people to multitask while executing the work out that doesn’t need expensive equipment; and

consult and hire experts such as chefs, nutritionists, medical doctors, gym instructors, yogis, athletes, and even fit celebrities.

For these reasons, they deserve to be watched and patronized.


These channels are also advisable for adolescents, whose focus is becoming and staying fit, and achieving healthy-looking skin. By promoting safe and effective fitness programs, and organic foods or plant-based diets, these channels can help them possess the perfection they aim.

Aside from television, lifestyle programs are also present in other media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram. Through social media accounts, numerous experts may impart tips and guidelines on a daily basis.

Fitness and diet mobile applications are also available for download on your phones. With all of these at hand, there is no stopping eager people from living healthy and aging slowly.

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